Custom Kitchen and Home Cabinets in Northeast Iowa

Custom Kitchen and Home Cabinets in Northeast Iowa
"Cabinet pieces or sections of cabinetry, individually designed for the specific needs of the client, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or laundry cabinets. Custom widths, depths, and lengths of cabinetry, choice of wood species,  door and drawer styles, hardware and accessories, finishes, and layouts without limitations."

Custom cabinetry without the custom price as defined by Gary Gossling...

"Over time by pushing a pencil, building relationships, upgrading and adding equipment, enlisting software and engaging the talents of people, we have learned how to build cabinetry competitively. We can easily compete with mid to high end factory cabinet prices, with the greatest emphasis on the custom aspect and quality."

Custom cabinetry in his own home...

"I fully understand the thought required and sleepless nights you have when you embark on changes in your home. I've done two homes, and surprisingly, it gets easier. You know what works and you want to repeat it. It is an exciting time and to see a vision come to fruition is very rewarding. It is a reward that is earned again and again, when you share your home with others."

Custom cabinets in YOUR home...

"When you have a deep down desire for something unique. When you genuinely appreciate wood and nature. When you desire cabinets that reflects your style and your approach to life. That is where Gossling Woodworking shines! We want you to have beautiful cabinetry that you love being immersed in. We want you to have cabinets that work for you and looks amazing while doing it. And we want to help you get there by providing you all the tools to do so. That is why we have a showroom in Decorah, Iowa. We want you to see, touch, experience what your future cabinets can be."

For more than 30 years our customers, have brought their wishes for furniture and home and kitchen cabinetry to us. Gossling Woodworking has taken those ideas, along with pieces of lumber, and an ample supply of knowledge, skill, and pride and have constructed timeless, heirloom quality pieces of furniture and truly one of a kind, custom cabinets.

We are diversified and able to provide our customers with custom cabinets, lumber processing, trim and molding, reproduction work, and finishing.

You are enthusiastically invited to browse our pages. We are proud of what we do and want to share it with you. And if we are fortunate enough, you will share your ideas with us.