Care Instructions

Regular Dusting

Dust cabinets frequently with a soft lint-free cloth. You can dampen the cloth slightly with warm water.


Clean spills and splatters immediately. Use a clean cloth and mild soap if necessary. Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.  Prolonged exposure to spills, including food, water or other liquids, or oil and grease splatters, can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinet’s finish.


A soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient to clean your cabinets. If more thorough cleaning is required, please use a fresh solution of mild hand dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water.

After cleaning, wipe all surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. Dry immediately using another soft, clean cloth.

Cleaning Products to Avoid

The following cleaning products are to be avoided as damage may occur:

  • Harsh detergents, strong soaps, abrasive cleaning products such as tub and sink cleansers, scouring powder, scouring pads, steel wool, Magic Erasers, or self polishing waxes.
  • Sponges or dish cloths. They may contain particles that could scratch your cabinets, or they may contain food and oil residue or remnants of harsh cleaning solutions.
  • Solvent-based or petroleum-based products such as mineral spirits, nail-polish removers, or paint thinners.
  • Ammonia or cleaning products that include ammonia.
  • Bleach or cleaning products that include bleach.
  • Silicone-based cleaning, waxing, or polishing products.