Face Frame, Frameless, Inset Cabinetry

Face Frame Construction

Cabinets with face frames are the most common method of building cabinetry in North America. First, the box is constructed and a face frame matching the box is built. The face frame is then attached to the front of the box. Cabinet doors are added to the face frame. The addition of the face frame adds strength to the cabinet. Installation is easier for face frame cabinets. The majority of clients with Gossling Woodworking choose face frame cabinetry.

Frameless Construction

Frameless cabinets are also known as full access or European style cabinetry. Typically only cabinet boxes are built and cabinet doors are attached, virtually covering the entire box. When cabinets are in place, you will quickly notice there is very little space between the cabinet doors. There are no face frames bordering the perimeter of the cabinets. This means you gain 10-15% more storage space! Frameless cabinets lend themselves to a modern look, and can be used in any setting. Gossling Woodworking crafts customizable frameless cabinetry. 

Inset Construction

Inset cabinets offer a timeless, high end look. Inset cabinetry is the photo featured on this page. Cabinetry doors and drawers are placed on the inside of the openings of the face frame of the cabinet creating flush, clean lines.  This style of cabinetry reflects true craftmanship due to the accuracy demanded. Inset cabinetry gives off the same vibe as a piece of classic, traditional furniture.  Visit our Showroom and see the differences between face frame, frameless, and inset cabinets in our displays.