Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Custom kitchen cabinets are a reality with Gossling Woodworking. Our experience, equipment, and knowledge keep our cabinetry competitively priced. As a result, you can have affordable and functional custom cabinets allowing you to use every inch of space in your kitchen. You get the exact cabinet in every space because each cabinet is made to order. We build your vision, bringing it to life.

The process begins when you visit with our designer at Gossling Cabinetry Showroom in Decorah, Iowa or begin email correspondence. If you are unsure where to start, our Ultimate Check Off List offers ideas and suggestions with a lifestyle assessment. You select the door style, wood species, interior cabinet accessories, function, and finish for your cabinets. Our visualization software, Cabinet Vision allows you to see what your new kitchen cabinets will look like. Countertops and hardware are the final addition to complete your cabinetry. 

Gossling Woodworking offers free design and estimates for our clients.

Your family gathers in this space. Memories are made here.Whether you call them kitchen cupboards, cabinets, or pantries,  you should make them beautiful! Let Gossling Woodworking will help you visualize all the possibilities your kitchen holds. Not just today, but for the future. We want to design and build cabinetry with no regrets. Stop shopping around and shop with us!

All photos on this site are custom kitchen cabinets from client projects completed by Gossling Woodworking. The homes represented are new construction and remodels. The majority of kitchen cabinets featured were designed by Gossling Woodworking. Other kitchen cabinetry were designed by the homeowner’s designer whom we partnered with.

Enjoy the gallery. We haven’t done a kitchen we haven’t loved!