Gossling Woodworking uses the most modern, up to date, and durable finishes available. Your custom cabinets are finished in house. They do not leave our “house” until they delivered to your house.

We have a solid relationship with our finish manufacturers and do not bounce from product to product for cheap materials and products.

Our finishing staff participates in on site training provided by our suppliers. As well as having knowledge in many techniques including: distressing, glazing, antiquing, and fill finishing. We wipe or spray stains. It is common for Gossling Woodworking to use custom paint, tinted dyes, and pigments as well as tinted lacquers to complete the finishing process.

We can do custom color matches. As it is necessary to match existing trim and finishes

Interior doors and house trim are finished in our climatized finish room. 

Mohawk, E-Z Stain, and Sherwin Williams products grace the shelves of Gossling Woodworking.

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