Gossling Woodworking knows the desire for new home and kitchen cabinets. And if you think about the process, it can be a bit overwhelming.

In 2010, we opened Gossling Cabinetry Showroom to assist our clients in choosing custom cabinetry for their homes.

Gossling Cabinetry Showroom in Decorah, Iowa showcases 2000 square feet of cabinetry know how. The team at Gossling Cabinetry Showroom and Gossling Woodworking offer insight, design, and expertise to your project. 

During a visit, you will learn the differences between custom, customizable, and factory cabinets. During your visit, you will see a variety of kitchen and home cabinet displays, wood species, finishes, and door styles. As well as, countertops, built ins, in cabinet accessories, and hardware to help complete your design.

The Showroom is open Monday through Saturday.