After living with a small, poor functioning kitchen for 21 years, we decided it was time for a much needed change. We met with a number of kitchen designers in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota and while they all brought something to the table, it was your salesman/designer, Fred, who pulled everything together for us. When I walked into your downtown showroom, the first kitchen I saw was the quarter sawn red oak kitchen. I was in love and knew this was the one. We looked at cabinets or parts of cabinets at a number of showrooms and I saw nothing that compared to the complete display of cabinets that is available for viewing in your showroom. It is important to see and feel the many, many options available.

My experience started with Fred coming out, looking at the space, and measuring. In short order I had a number of plans to look at. I studied those plans long and hard and then started changing this and moving that. Fred “got” every change I came up with and if he couldn’t do it, he addressed the change and explained why that wasn’t possible or why something else might work better for that space. I couldn’t wait to go home from work every night, and sit down to the computer to see how our new kitchen was coming to life.

An issue we had was one wall was a “straight run” into the living room. I was concerned how the kitchen would look from the living room side and had some half-baked solution in mind but didn’t like it when Fred put it into the plans. Fred then sent me a new drawing that included a small archway between the kitchen and the living room. This was perfect; it defined both spaces and actually provided me with a corner I’d never had in my living room which in turn gave me a new space for furniture placement. Win, win!!!

I can’t say enough about how happy we have been with the kitchen, and spread the word whenever I can. A girlfriend of mine had been toying with the idea of a new kitchen. She got an estimate from another place and the bid was quite high for the amount of cabinets she would need. She shared the bid with me and I told her I would get my receipt and show it to her. She had thought a custom kitchen would be cost prohibitive. She and I are both happy to say she now has a Gossling kitchen too.

We now find ourselves with a new property, and one of the best parts of this new venture is that I, again, will have another custom Gossling kitchen to enjoy! Thanks to everyone from the start to the finish of your beautiful product!