We are finally wrapping up our project, and I wanted to thank you again for your help/guidance with our new kitchen and bath cabinetry. I didn’t know if i twas possible, but I like this kitchen even more than my last Gossling kitchen. I have more drawers in this kitchen vs. pull-outs which I find really work well for us; but, of course both are wonderful!

Again,I thank you for your patience as I worked through decisions that needed to be made. I am so pleased with the soft, flowing appearance of the combination of flooring, cabinets, paint and countertops. The compliments regarding the cabinets are non-stop. People will sit at our table and remark “these cabinets are gorgeous” and they are!!

A “technical aspect” to a Gossling kitchen was learned by me when someone came to our house and saw part of the base laid out on the floor and cabinets already installed on the remaining portion of base. The visitor remarked that the base was attached to his cabinets when they were delivered. Our carpenter said “yeah, the only time I’ve seen the base and cabinets come separately is with Gossling kitchens.” (This is his fourth Gossling kitchen install.) He said it make so much more sense to do it this way as he is able to work with the manageable base to get everything level and then set the cabinet rather than the cumbersomeness of having the base attached to the cabinet when leveling.

I also want to thank the “behind the scenes” guys in the shop who make this beautiful product and then package and number each piece so carefully for easy installation. You guys are great!

As always, I can’t say enough about the professionalism and quality of craftsmanship. We have, and will continue to recommend Gossling Woodworking to people contemplating a new kitchen.