When we finally decided to build a new house after living in our first home for 38 years, I wanted everything to be perfect. I found a house plan that my husband and I both really liked and then spent hours thinking about all the details. It was important to both of us to use natural finishes in the house. We both love wood and the plan offered us the opportunity to use a lot of wood—built-ins, cabinets, columns, beams, and window trim.

I asked friends and acquaintances who they would recommend to build our cabinets and built-ins and Gossling Woodworking was the response I got more often than any other. I made an appointment and we met with both Fred and Karla in Gossling’s beautiful Decorah showroom and the deal was virtually sealed after the first meeting. Both Fred and Karla really listened to us—to our ideas and to the look we hoped to achieve—and then provided drawings and a detailed bid to us in record time. We did receive other bids but the competitive pricing coupled with the opportunity to work with people who really listened and cared about our project prompted us to choose Gossling Woodworking.

Once we got to the point we could measure for cabinets and make final choices, Fred, Gary, and Clayton were phenomenal in identifying and clearly explaining both problem areas and opportunities for creative storage solutions. The result was built-ins, cabinets, vanities, and a beautiful cherry walk-in closet that function even better than we could have dreamed.

We also asked Gossling’s to design and build a custom partner’s desk for our home office. Fred and my husband worked together to design a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional and the team in production built and finished it to perfection.

As the project progressed, we bid the considerable amount of wood trim for the windows, doors, beams, and columns and, again, Gossling’s received the project and spent all the time necessary to measure and craft the trim for our contractor. Gary, Clayton, and the rest of the team were always available to answer questions and to ensure that our contractor had what he needed to complete the project. When we decided that we wanted mirrors for the master bath in cherry to match the style of our hickory window trim, they were done quickly and delivered with all the hardware needed to hang them.

We are so pleased that we chose Gossling Woodworking to be involved in our home build. As I said, we were sold initially on the fact that Fred and Karla really listened to us and that care and concern continued throughout the project and extended to every person with whom we worked. The craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen in every item that Gossling supplied and we have had no issues or problems. We recommend Gossling’s work unconditionally.