Warm Fuzzies

When we finally decided to build a new house after living in our first home for 38 years, I wanted everything to be perfect. I found a house plan that my husband and I both really liked and then spent hours thinking about all the details. It was important to both of us to use natural finishes in the house. We both love wood and the plan offered us the opportunity to use a lot of wood—built-ins, cabinets, columns, beams, and window trim.

I asked friends and acquaintances who they would recommend to build our cabinets and built-ins and Gossling Woodworking was the response I got more often than any other. I made an appointment and we met with both Fred and Karla in Gossling’s beautiful Decorah showroom and the deal was virtually sealed after the first meeting. Both Fred and Karla really listened to us—to our ideas and to the look we hoped to achieve—and then provided drawings and a detailed bid to us in record time. We did receive other bids but the competitive pricing coupled with the opportunity to work with people who really listened and cared about our project prompted us to choose Gossling Woodworking.

Once we got to the point we could measure for cabinets and make final choices, Fred, Gary, and Clayton were phenomenal in identifying and clearly explaining both problem areas and opportunities for creative storage solutions. The result was built-ins, cabinets, vanities, and a beautiful cherry walk-in closet that function even better than we could have dreamed.

We also asked Gossling’s to design and build a custom partner’s desk for our home office. Fred and my husband worked together to design a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional and the team in production built and finished it to perfection.

As the project progressed, we bid the considerable amount of wood trim for the windows, doors, beams, and columns and, again, Gossling’s received the project and spent all the time necessary to measure and craft the trim for our contractor. Gary, Clayton, and the rest of the team were always available to answer questions and to ensure that our contractor had what he needed to complete the project. When we decided that we wanted mirrors for the master bath in cherry to match the style of our hickory window trim, they were done quickly and delivered with all the hardware needed to hang them.

We are so pleased that we chose Gossling Woodworking to be involved in our home build. As I said, we were sold initially on the fact that Fred and Karla really listened to us and that care and concern continued throughout the project and extended to every person with whom we worked. The craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen in every item that Gossling supplied and we have had no issues or problems. We recommend Gossling’s work unconditionally.

Julie and Dan Huiskamp

We are finally wrapping up our project, and I wanted to thank you again for your help/guidance with our new kitchen and bath cabinetry. I didn’t know if i twas possible, but I like this kitchen even more than my last Gossling kitchen. I have more drawers in this kitchen vs. pull-outs which I find really work well for us; but, of course both are wonderful!

Again,I thank you for your patience as I worked through decisions that needed to be made. I am so pleased with the soft, flowing appearance of the combination of flooring, cabinets, paint and countertops. The compliments regarding the cabinets are non-stop. People will sit at our table and remark “these cabinets are gorgeous” and they are!!

A “technical aspect” to a Gossling kitchen was learned by me when someone came to our house and saw part of the base laid out on the floor and cabinets already installed on the remaining portion of base. The visitor remarked that the base was attached to his cabinets when they were delivered. Our carpenter said “yeah, the only time I’ve seen the base and cabinets come separately is with Gossling kitchens.” (This is his fourth Gossling kitchen install.) He said it make so much more sense to do it this way as he is able to work with the manageable base to get everything level and then set the cabinet rather than the cumbersomeness of having the base attached to the cabinet when leveling.

I also want to thank the “behind the scenes” guys in the shop who make this beautiful product and then package and number each piece so carefully for easy installation. You guys are great!

As always, I can’t say enough about the professionalism and quality of craftsmanship. We have, and will continue to recommend Gossling Woodworking to people contemplating a new kitchen.

Repeat and satisfied clients, Russ and Jan

We used Gossling Woodworking for our house and guest house. We loved the
craftsmanship and care they showed for our projects. They did two of our kitchens and several built in window seats. They worked with us from the beginning to the end.

Fred is so helpful with ideas and suggestions and also consulted with us throughout the process.

Repeat and satisfied clients, Pete and Kari

Gossling Woodworking was the BOMB, in a good way….To start, we cut, sawed and Gossling Kiln dried our Walnut lumber, which all came our family owned Centruy farm building site.

Clayton Snyder’s expertise in all aspects of our construction was not only needed but greatly appreciated. His, (Johnny on the spot), attitude and willingness to work with us on all the changes, (we swore there wouldn’t be any 🙂) we threw his way were handled professionally and courteously through all the phases of construction. 
The woodwork portion of our project turned out to not only impress and awe everyone that has stepped foot in our house, but wildly exceeded OUR expectations. From custom kitchen cabinets, bar, fireplace mantle, fishing rod storage, gun vault storage etc. etc., Clayton and Gossling Woodworking were and are the BOMB!

Tom and Vickie had cabinets constructed with heritage lumber from his family farm

From start to finish Gossling Woodworking staff were professional and easy to work with. They were willing to work with our interior designer every step of the way. The kitchen and cupboard designer was fantastic with offering numerous options and always kept us updated on progress. They finished our cabinetry ahead of schedule and the quality was unsurpassed but priced very reasonable. I would recommend this company on any project with complete confidence.

Repeat clients, Dave and Donna

I knew Gossling Woodworking by reputation before I hired them to do my kitchen, and they still exceeded my expectations in the process as well as the final product….

…Now that everything is done and the project is complete I look around my kitchen today and I am so happy with the decision I made to work with Gossling Woodworking. My kitchen is my favorite place in the house. It’s so beautiful and the quality is amazing. I open up my cabinets and I still can’t believe how beautiful they are even on the inside. You can tell this is a company that takes pride in what they do. They made it a very personal experience and I couldn’t have asked for better service and help along the way. I will definitely be calling them again the next time I need a kitchen or bath update!


After living with a small, poor functioning kitchen for 21 years, we decided it was time for a much needed change. We met with a number of kitchen designers in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota and while they all brought something to the table, it was your salesman/designer, Fred, who pulled everything together for us. When I walked into your downtown showroom, the first kitchen I saw was the quarter sawn red oak kitchen. I was in love and knew this was the one. We looked at cabinets or parts of cabinets at a number of showrooms and I saw nothing that compared to the complete display of cabinets that is available for viewing in your showroom. It is important to see and feel the many, many options available.

My experience started with Fred coming out, looking at the space, and measuring. In short order I had a number of plans to look at. I studied those plans long and hard and then started changing this and moving that. Fred “got” every change I came up with and if he couldn’t do it, he addressed the change and explained why that wasn’t possible or why something else might work better for that space. I couldn’t wait to go home from work every night, and sit down to the computer to see how our new kitchen was coming to life.

An issue we had was one wall was a “straight run” into the living room. I was concerned how the kitchen would look from the living room side and had some half-baked solution in mind but didn’t like it when Fred put it into the plans. Fred then sent me a new drawing that included a small archway between the kitchen and the living room. This was perfect; it defined both spaces and actually provided me with a corner I’d never had in my living room which in turn gave me a new space for furniture placement. Win, win!!!

I can’t say enough about how happy we have been with the kitchen, and spread the word whenever I can. A girlfriend of mine had been toying with the idea of a new kitchen. She got an estimate from another place and the bid was quite high for the amount of cabinets she would need. She shared the bid with me and I told her I would get my receipt and show it to her. She had thought a custom kitchen would be cost prohibitive. She and I are both happy to say she now has a Gossling kitchen too.

We now find ourselves with a new property, and one of the best parts of this new venture is that I, again, will have another custom Gossling kitchen to enjoy! Thanks to everyone from the start to the finish of your beautiful product!